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Singer, songwriter, musician, father and friend. Quasi-philosopher, lover of all things Almond Roca. Hoping to make good decisions and help anyone along the path of my journey because none of us does 'this' alone.

#TheBookOfWanz now available on Amazon!!

The long awaited book of tweets, parables and musings from the Grammy Award winning singer on Macklemore's 2013 mega smash "Thrift Shop" is now available on Amazon !! Get your copy TODAY!!! #TheBookOfWanz Cover

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It’s Good To Be Home…

Ya know, going all over the world and performing with Macklemore is quite the dream come true. But there's nothing like coming home. Don't get me wrong, I love the crowds, being under the lights and feeling the energy the people are kind enough to give us when we perform, but there's that feeling one [...]

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Wireless Festival, London 2013

Holy Sweatballs, Batman!!!! Hella heat and it wasn't gonna be lettin up any time during the day! Our set was in the prime of the afternoon, like 3:30 pm on a stage bathed in direct sunlight! The sheer magnitude of the crowd combined with the temps made for an 'interesting' performance/reaction combination. The first line [...]

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Hamburg, Germany

Tales from the road: Finally staying at a hotel in Hamburg, Germany tonight. That means WIFI!!! That's means, update the blog, Wanz! 3 days in Europe, 3 festivals (Best Kept Secret, SouthSide and Hurricane), 3 crowds ROCKED!! Workers were saying they've never seen crowds as big and as interactive as ours have been!!! Hopefully, I [...]

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RnR in Paradise!!

Lookin forward to this week!! Most of the time will be spent in Hawaii prepping for the show at Ala Moana. Don't be hatin, I'll be spending most of my day in my hotel room working on beats and hooks. Hope it's sunny where you are!

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Ok, Let’s try this again!!

Wow!!! It's been a minute since I've written on this thing! Sorry, been really busy traveling and performing with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! So many dreams have and are coming true for me, I can't even begin to express the feelings I'm experiencing!!! Lots of things are in the works for me: - Just finished [...]

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SNL, really?

I'm about to catch a plane to NYC where ANOTHER dream is about to be fulfilled!!! Thanks to the power of the people, "Thrift Shop", the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song I sing on, after being #1 on Billboard, 7x platinum in Australia and New Zealand, in the top 5 of all songs in the [...]

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Back in the US of A!

Well, the whirlwind trip down under has come to a close.  I'm sittin in San Francisco's airport with a long layover.  Debating on if I want to go into town or just hunker down here.. I don't think I'll easily forget the last 2.5 weeks.  Australia, New Zealand...two places I thought I'd never see in [...]

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Hello New Zealand!!!

Great start to the New Zealand part of The Heist Tour! After getting BIG love from Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth), Christchurch, NZ has stepped up up to continue the trend! EVERYONE has been friendly and respectful! This has allowed the performers to recycle the energy that comes onstage back to the audience! Can't [...]

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Interviewed on Seattle local tv, in case you missed it…

Interview with Bill and Kaci on Q13Fox Morning News!

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